Booking a meeting is a simple task, joining is not

We have so many tools available to us to collaborate with people these days, but we also have habits of the past. I do a lot of meetings and a lot of them are with folk that are not in the same location (or time zone as me) & therefore I use Skype for Business meetings a lot. Well in fact Delve tells me that I do a lot of meetings!

I feel that some people make it harder for others to join meetings than they need to, I’ll step you through my view of the world and please let me know what you think. Am I on cr$#k or not?

The situation

You are meeting with an internal person or two but also require an external person to join the meeting. Because you have an external person joining you cannot really rely on them having S4B (Skype for Business) or knowing how to use it (unless you have done calls with them in the past, but even then they could still have issues).

Approach 1. Book the meeting and say you will dial me in

Approach 2. Book the meeting every time with a Skype for Business invite and dial in the external.


I see why people do option one as getting externals to use sb4 can be an issue. A simple solution would be to book two meetings or add a comment to the email when inviting the external person explaining their options

  1. Use S4B
  2. You dial them in
  3. They dial in

If they come back to you with questions do a test call before the big meeting, also ask your IT team to provide a cheat sheet PDF that you can send to an external to help them join the call. Simple things make life simple, a couple of goals for this new year could be

  1. Don’t overcook your technology solutions when working with unknown externals keep it simple
  2. Don’t overcook the meat on the BBQ….. no one likes burnt BBQ!!